New councillors aim to 'reconnect' with town

New Sheringham town councillors Richard Shepherd, left and Jon Dorey. 

New Sheringham town councillors Richard Shepherd, left and Jon Dorey. - Credit: Supplied

Two new members of Sheringham Town Council have vowed to help change the culture of the authority, which they said has become detached from the town’s residents. 

Jon Dorey from Upper Sheringham and Dick Shepherd from Waterbank Road have taken two vacancies to represent the town’s south ward, after no-one else came forward to contest the positions in an election. 

Richard Shepherd.

Richard Shepherd. - Credit: Archant

Mr Dorey, 53, and Mr Shepherd, 78, both said they wanted to see changes at the council, which has faced controversies including a defamation payout and allegations of bullying over the past 18 months

Mr Shepherd, a former Conservative district councillor, said: “I used to be extremely proud of Sheringham Town Council, it was well run and it was the best. But over the past three years it has degenerated into something I really don’t recognise.”

Sheringham Town Hall, which is due to close because the council is moving to Sheringham Community Ce

Richard Shepherd was vocal in his opposition to the sale of Sheringham Town Hall.  - Credit: Archant

Mr Shepherd opposed the sale of the former town hall building and said too many matters were discussed in the council’s ‘3D’ sessions which were closed to the wider public and press. 

Mr Dorey, who runs a joinery business and has been the chairman of Upper Sheringham Parish Council for more than five years, said he wanted to help county councillor Judy Oliver’s campaign to get a roundabout at the top of Holway Road. 

Jon Dorey has joined Sheringham Town Council.

Jon Dorey has joined Sheringham Town Council. - Credit: Supplied by Jon Dorey

He added: “There has been a lot of ill feeling in Sheringham over the past 12 months and it’s no good for anyone. I look on it as an honour and a privilege to serve my community and I want to help bring the town together.”

The council had a change of leadership in May, with Peter Ratcliffe taking over as mayor and Sue Brisbane as deputy mayor. 

Mr Ratcliffe said they wanted to “turn over a new leaf” as a council and be ambitious about their aims for the town. 

There is one more vacancy on the town council - for north ward - which will be contested through an election on July 1, as two people have put their names forward.

Electors will be able to vote for either Andrew Hicks or Jeremy Stubbs to fill the post.