Planting scheme greens two north Norfolk woodlands

Nigel Lloyd, NNDC’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, joins in with community tree planting at Holt

Nigel Lloyd, NNDC’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, at a tree planting at Holt Country Park earlier in the year.  - Credit: NNDC

More than 2,200 trees have been planted in north Norfolk woods as part of a project to re-green the district.
Volunteers from North Norfolk District Council's office-based teams traded their computers for shovels to pitch in on the plantings at Holt Country Park and Cromer's Warren Woods in December.

Hawthorne, hazel, leaf lime, oak, crab apple, beech, field maple, cherry and hornbeam sapling were put in as part of a wider project to plant 110,000 trees - one for every resident of the district - by mid-2023.  

Steve Blatch, the council's chief executive, said at one of the planting sessions: "Teams have been out over the weeks in support of the project, where we’re planting deciduous trees to strengthen this habitat here in Holt Country Park.

Steve Blatch, strategic director at North Norfolk District Council

Steve Blatch, North Norfolk District Council's chief executive. - Credit: NNDC

"The council offers some volunteer days to staff, and this project is about us getting out and about after a difficult year to make our environment better.”

Councillor Nigel Lloyd, portfolio holder for environmental services, climate change and environment, added:  “Planting trees is a most satisfying thing to do, it is a sustainable way to positively affect the environment.

North Norfolk District Council member Nigel Lloyd

Councillor Nigel Lloyd, North Norfolk District Council's portfolio holder for environmental services, climate change and environment. - Credit: Archant

"These planting events had the additional benefit of enabling NNDC staff to interact with their colleagues, in a Covid-safe environment, after many months of working remotely from home. The weather was kind to us and we planted lots of trees. A really enjoyable experience.”

The Felbeck Trust has also recently planted 900 trees in West Beckham and the Women’s Institute has planted 310 in Smallburgh and Dilham.
A further 165 were given away at Holt Country Park for people to plant themselves on their own land.

The 110,000 Trees Project was launched at the council's annual Greenbuild environmental sustainability event in September 2019 with an appeal to get members of the public and community groups involved.

At that event, 1,000 saplings were given away at the event by the Woodland Trust for residents to plant.

To find out more about how to get involved with the scheme, visit