Business owner runs 10K in honour of Diego Maradona

Man wearing Maradona t-shirt and holding Olympics flame.

The Owner of Fakenham Tandoori, Mujibur ‘Diego’ Rahman has run 10K in honour of Diego Maradona. - Credit: Mujibur ‘Diego’ Rahman

A restaurant owner who idolised late football superstar Diego Maradona has honoured his legacy in his own unique way.

The Owner of Fakenham Tandoori, Mujibur ‘Diego’ Rahman has adored the former Argentine playmaker since he was a child, watching his exploits while growing up.

So when he heard of his death, Mr Rahman - who is nicknamed 'Diego' by friends due to his love for his idol - he decided to run 10km in his honour.

Mr Rahman ran around Trapp Lane field 20 times to reach the distance, and also lit his Olympic torch in honour of the footballer. 

Man wearing Maradona shirt holding Olympic torch.

Mr Rahman with his Olympic torch. - Credit: Mujibur ‘Diego’ Rahman

As well as his nickname, Mr Rahman ran Diego’s community football club in Fakenham, offering anyone the chance to come along and play, often attracting 30 people every Sunday for six years.

“As soon as I heard the news it affected me, I was really low as I always wanted to meet him,” he said.

“I'm proud to carry on the legacy of his name but my dream would be to pay my final respect at his resting place in Argentina."