North Creake toddle and ride for terminally-ill youngster

Kaiden Griffin with his parents Kieron Griffin and Kyra Welch from North Creake. Picture: Matthew Us

Kaiden Griffin with his parents Kieron Griffin and Kyra Welch from North Creake. Picture: Matthew Usher, - Credit: Matthew Usher

The parents of a terminally ill toddler are organising a horse ride and dog show this month to raise money for a charity they are setting up in his name.

The Times has reported how Kyra Welch, who lives in North Creake and her partner Kieron Griffin, who lives in Holt, are setting up the charity Kaiden’s Big Fight to help other families facing similar heartache to themselves.

Their son, one-year-old Kaiden Griffin, has an abnormal heart, lungs and veins and the situation is too complex for him to undergo an operation.

Kaiden’s Big Fight will raise money to help other families of a child with congenital heart defects and fund treatment in hospitals.

The horse ride and dog show will be held at Sly’s Farm, North Creake on Sunday, April 26, between 9.30am and 3pm.

It takes place just under a year after Miss Welch and Mr Griffin were dealt the devastating news that there was no more doctors could do to help their son.

Miss Welch said: “Kaiden is still really happy and doing well. His condition has not changed recently and you would never be able to tell he has these problems if you didn’t know.

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“We have no idea how long he has left and are just trying to make sure he enjoys every day.”

This will be the third charity horse ride the couple has organised. Miss Welch said: “I’m hoping this will be the best one yet.

“We’ve brought in a fun dog show this year and there will be lots of stalls as we want the event to appeal to lots of people, not just horse riders.

A local fund-raising campaign and support from the King’s Lynn-based charity Reach for a Star enabled Miss Welch and Mr Griffin to take Kaiden on a dream holiday to Disneyland, Paris last year.

Miss Welch said: “The support we’ve had has been amazing and we are so grateful to everyone.”

For more information about the horse ride and the charity, call Miss Welch on 07917 416711 or go online to the special Facebook page called Kaiden’s Big Fight.