Health network launches to help people pave their own way to better health

Former NHS nurse Victoria Catt. Picture: Ian Burt

Former NHS nurse Victoria Catt. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

Looking after your health, as Victoria Catt will tell you, is not as simple as it used to be.

The nurse practitioner from Tattersett, near Fakenham, worked in the NHS for more than 19 years and knows all too well the challenges of leading a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.

The 41-year-old said: “If you had health problems when I was a child, you could go to your grandparents. But nowadays everybody’s got to work longer and people have less time to spend on their health - there isn’t that community anymore.

“And that ends up putting more pressure on the NHS.”

Mrs Catt has just launched a new health network called Blue Turtle she hopes will help address the issue.

The network aims to bring together a community of holistic practitioners in north Norfolk who can give patients the time and advice they need to improve their health.

Mrs Catt said: “I want to create a community network of support. The pressures on everyone, including our children, are enormous and it affects our health in many different ways.

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“People need help on their doorsteps even in rural areas so I want them to have easy access and availability to the resources that we have.”

Mrs Catt said while working in the NHS, she often felt unable to get to the root of her patients’ conditions due to the time pressures health staff faced.

She said the goal of Blue Turtle was to help people pave their own way to better health by improving their fitness, nutrition and overall mental wellness.

To launch the network, Mrs Catt is holding a showcase at the Binham Memorial Hall on Saturday, February 17 from 10am to 5pm.

She said the event was: “all about protecting and improving health for the long-term.”

Mrs Catt said: “It aims to help people become more healthy and balanced, and put less stress on the NHS as a result, and to educate our future generations.”

There will be a range of stalls, demonstrations and talks covering yoga and mindfulness, psychotherapy, massage, Nordic walking, and even tag rugby with Fakenham Rugby Club.

Tickets cost £5 on the door or from Elysium, 8 Newmans Yard, Fakenham, via the website, phone 07795 465936 or email victoria@