Pantomime performances ready to kick off in North Creake

North Creake pantomime. Picture: Peter Bird

North Creake pantomime. Picture: Peter Bird - Credit: Archant

A drama group is preparing to kick off their first pantomime performances in North Creake.

The Creake’s Drama Group is putting on a production of Puss in Boots, which features more than 50 cast and crew members.

For the production the audience gets a cat of two parts. Eleven-year-old Olivia Sands plays an ordinary puss without boots that can only mime onstage.

But when the special boots are donned the cat becomes 28-year-old Vanessa McAuley who can talk.

The show will also be packed with many musical favourites, which are likely to get the audience singing along with the cast.

Harry Studd, a fourteen year member of the group, is taking on the responsibility of sole director for the first time.

There will be five performances, starting on Friday, January 19. Tickets will cost £10 for adults and £5 for those under 16. To book your ticket call 07818 696 660.