'Visitors will come' - Nature reserve owners optimistic about future

Meet the Bosses: Bill and Deb Jordan at Pensthorpe Natural Park. Pic: Archant.

Bill and Deb Jordan at Pensthorpe Natural Park

The owner of a nature reserve is optimistic about its future - despite not knowing when they can reopen.

Deb Jordan owns Pensthorpe natural park near Fakenham with husband Bill and has overseen the most difficult time in the reserve’s history. Without a clear road map out of the third national lockdown, they have no idea when it can hope to reopen.

However, Mrs Jordan believes that the public will return as soon as they can.

“I think we are hugely blessed with our product,” she said.

Bill and Deb Jordan, owners of Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham. Pic: EDP

Bill and Deb Jordan, owners of Pensthorpe Natural Park, near Fakenham. Pic: EDP - Credit: Archant

“I can't think of anywhere where people would rather want to go when a lockdown is finished.

“After the first lockdown we were worried about what would happen, do people want to come back quickly after being locked in and we found there was a huge thirst for it.

“Our numbers were probably better as we were weather dependent, but they would come whatever the weather.”

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The Pensthorpe owner does not blame anyone for the lack of information on when they will reopen but knows they could be such a helping hand for people.

Deb Jordan from Pensthorpe nature Reserve with her new feathered friend

Deb Jordan from Pensthorpe nature Reserve believes people will return to them following the third lockdown - Credit: Archant

“What's sad is that we are bang in the middle of this nightmare and we would be the very best survival kit for people being stuck inside,” she said.

“We are very blessed to be in such a perfect part of Norfolk so that when we open the doors our visitors will come, our reserve does calm you and destress you and that's what people will be wanting.

“We are all about safety, feeling good, and being safe with your family and I think that is why I am confident that we have a great future ahead.”

But the owners have had to make changes to how they are running the reserve.

It used to open for seven days a week, however, when it does reopen that will now be down to five, being closed on a Monday and Tuesday.

It hopes to return to seven when the school summer holidays come around.

The reserve also had to close its indoor play area and run a takeaway service at their cafe.