Photographer's exhibition to shed light on domestic abuse survivors

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn.

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn. - Credit: Keith Osborn.

A Fakenham photographer is teaming up with a charity that supports victims of domestic abuse to show that help is there for people to survive.

Keith Osborn has teamed up with the Pandora Project in King's Lynn to create a photo exhibition in October to highlight the work done to help people escape domestic abuse.

The photos will feature at King's Lynn's St Nicholas chapel, with the pictures featuring people with writing on their arms and faces from the words of survivors who have their lives back after suffering domestic abuse.

Mr Osborn was keen to help out after the issue was highlighted through the first lockdown.

St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt.

St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

“I have a real issue related to violence, I really cannot stomach it,” he said.

“I think sometimes it's not physical, it's psychological violence and that aspect of the subject really gets to me.

“As a man, to do something positive about it is important and to raise your voice in a way you can, and I can in this particular way.”

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Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn - Credit: Keith Osborn

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The photographer said he has been invested in helping to battle violence against women after the Suffolk murders in 2006 struck a chord with him.

He called it 'the senseless death of women at the hands of a man, that's when it first triggered something in me.’

When the subject resurfaced in lockdown, he contacted the King's Lynn charity to see how he could help.

He was keen to stress that he does not want to be seen as a ‘saint’, and just wanted to help out in a field he could.

A spokesperson for The Pandora Project said he contacted the charity with the idea, and the pair had planned to take the photos last November, but sadly the second lockdown was announced on that day.

The spokesperson said: “Hopefully this raises awareness, particularly with the lockdowns.

"The prime minister made a comment in his address that there was an exception for people fleeing domestic abuse, which highlighted the problem.

“It's a hidden pandemic so we are trying to raise awareness and show that we are here to support people affected by the abuse.”

Mr Osborn is looking for a makeup artist to help out on July 3 and 10. If you can help, you can contact him via email,