Mammoth charity beer challenge postponed

David and Rachel Holliday of Norfolk Brewhouse, home of Moon Gazer ales. Picture: Simon Buck Photogr

David and Rachel Holliday of Norfolk Brewhouse, home of Moon Gazer ales. Picture: Simon Buck Photography - Credit: Archant

The plight of charities during the coronavirus outbreak has been highlighted by the organiser of a mammoth challenge which has been postponed due to the crisis.

David Holliday, from Moon Gazer ales, in Hindringham, north Norfolk, had planned to push a 76kg barrel of beer from north Norfolk to St Bart’s Hospital in central London for charity.

The 143-mile push would have raised much-needed awareness and funds for Norfolk-based testicular cancer charity, It’s on The Ball.

Mr Holliday fears many local charities will be forgotten with the current situation and said: “We have been in planning and training for the beer push for a year and were due to start our nine-day push on April 23.

“While we will announce a new date soon, it struck home to me just how many small, local charities like It’s on the Ball will suffer in the current climate.

“Quite rightly, the news and media are focusing on the virus and that won’t change anytime soon, and the government is supporting business and jobs, but what about the small charities?

“Their work and their need doesn’t go away, for example, across Norfolk young men this week will get potentially terminal testicular cancer which can so easily be avoided and cured by awareness, but, sadly, many will die needlessly.

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“It will be really hard for small charities to make their voice heard at the moment and whichever charity we support we should try and do our best for them, even if it is just keeping their name and work in people’s minds.

“David’s beer push was designed to do just do that - raise awareness, calling in on schools, hospitals and business on the route to teach young men how to check themselves for this killer, little known cancer. None of which can now take place.”

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However, Mr Holliday is still able to keep training within the socially distancing guidelines, and is pushing the barrel for one hour each day around the streets where he lives.

Donations had already topped £2,200 towards his £5,000 target and he hopes people will understand and keep the donation pledged for the revised date.