Reminder for pet owners to put dog mess in correct bin

map of Oak Street

Mr Carpenter lives on Oak Street, he was left frustrated at a dog owner after dog poo bags were left in his brown garden waste bin. - Credit: Google Maps

A man has reminded people to put their pet's mess in the correct bin after dog waste bags appeared in his garden waste bin - and were then left on his drive.

Paul Carpenter from Fakenham awoke last Friday to see two plastic bags poking out of his bin. After the bin men came, he saw the bags left on his driveway.

According to council protocol, if a bin is ‘contaminated’ a tag is left on it saying why they did not take the waste.

“I was grateful that they actually did empty my bin,” he said.

“Whoever it was, did the correct thing in picking it up and bagging it, but they should take it home with them, or put it in a poo bin along the way somewhere.”

a blue sign warning people to pick up dog mess installed by NNDC

North Norfolk District Council have placed new signs instructing people to pick up their dog’s mess. - Credit: Paul Carpenter

North Norfolk District Council recently installed new signs in the town reminding people to pick up their dog’s mess, after they said there was an increase in dog fouling.

The council say the signage is working well, with a significant reduction in cases since their arrival.

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Mr Carpenter said he has seen a drop in fouling near his home.