US TV host mocks empty supermarket shelves in Fakenham

Photo of Stephen Colbert on CBS

Stephen Colbert made fun of the use of cardboard carrots at a Fakenham supermarket - Credit: Twitter

A Norfolk town came to global attention after becoming the punchline of a gag on one of the US's biggest late night shows.

Stephen Colbert, who hosts CBS' The Late Show, made fun of cardboard cutouts used in a Fakenham supermarket in order to fill the empty gaps on shelves.

In Mr Colbert's 'Cargo Unchained' segment for the show, aired on October 27, he discussed the "crippling" food shortages facing the UK.

He said that the supply chain shortages caused by Brexit and the pandemic have forced supermarkets to use carboard cutouts in place of the missing food items and showed pictures of cardboard carrots found at a Fakenham supermarket.

He also quipped that the Great British Bake Off's contestants were having to resort to making "papier-mâché brownies" for the technical challenge. 

The original picture was tweeted in response to former advisor to the prime minister, Dominic Cummings, who was praising the success of the 'vote leave' logo that he helped create.