Stuart Agnew, UKIP

UKIP candidate Stuart Agnew

UKIP candidate Stuart Agnew - Credit: Archant

I have lived within 20 miles of Fakenham most of my life and within six miles for the last 13 years. I am a local farmer but, since 2009, also an MEP representing East Anglia in the European Parliament.

My chief concern is the difficulty that young people from the town have in finding accommodation locally. Second homes, holiday lets, down-trading incomers and, of course, immigration combine to prevent many of our youngsters ever getting onto the property ladder.

This will lead to an ever-ageing population and a dying town. I am heartened to see a full slate (I think) of operating shops and businesses along the Norwich Road, and hope this can be maintained.

I will enjoy the view of the church while it lasts, and myself and my family will continue to support local traders in the town. I would therefore oppose plans for any more large supermarkets that will simply suck the life out of Fakenham.