Suspicious couple taking photos outside Norfolk junior school is an ‘isolated incident’

Fakenham Junior School. Picture: Ian Burt

Fakenham Junior School. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Reports of a couple taking photographs outside a school in Fakenham are being treated as an “isolated incident”, according to Norfolk Police.

Parents had reported that a man and a woman were seen taking pictures on their phones outside of Fakenham Junior School at around 2.30pm on February 7.

The headmaster of the school was notified and has said they would remain vigilant.

An inspector from Fakenham Police said they have not received any further reports of suspicious activity around the school.

“At this stage, this is being treated as an isolated incident,” said Inspector Edward Brown.

“The two people described have not been identified. If anyone has any concerns around persons acting suspiciously around the school then they should contact us at the time and we will come out to make enquiries.

“Clearly the nature of this reported incident has caused some concern in the local community and we would encourage added vigilance.”