WATCH: Stunning moment thousands of geese take flight over nature reserve

Pink-footed geese come into roost at Holkham National Nature Reserve. Picture: Ian Burt

Jake Fiennes shared the video of what he estimated to be around 64,000 pink-feet geese simultaneously taking to the sky above Holkham - Credit: IAN BURT

The sight of tens of thousands of geese flying over a Norfolk nature reserve has been hailed as a "spectacle of nature".

The stunning moment was captured by Jake Fiennes, head of conservation at the Holkham Estate, on Tuesday (November 23). 

He shared a video of what is estimated to be 64,000 pink-footed geese taking to the skies over Holkham National Nature Reserve.

Mr Fiennes said they had been feeding at night for the past week - resulting in a special phenomenon at daybreak. 

“Many of them choose to rest on the Holkham reserve,” he added.

Jake Fiennes, director of the Holkham Nature Reserve.

Jake Fiennes, head of conservation at the Holkham estate. - Credit: Denise Bradley

"They can, at times, be spread out across the coast dependent on food availability, and this week their favoured food sugar beet tops were quite clearly local.

“The reserve on Tuesday was black with geese and, as the moon rose in the east, the geese in unison took to the skies.

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“There are moments in nature, and there are spectacles. This week those lucky enough to be at Holkham witnessed this.”