8 things you can do to look after your car in lockdown

How can you keep your car in top condition over lockdown? Photo Getty Images

How can you keep your car in top condition over lockdown? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Now many of us will not be using our cars as much with the lockdown in place, here are eight things you can do for your car to make sure it will still be in top condition when you use it again.

*Garages are remaining open during this current lockdown to provide repairs, MOTs and services. Now would be an ideal time to book in a full service before using your car again for longs trips after it has been inactive for a long period of time.

*Ensure your tyres are properly inflated before getting your car back on the road. The tyres can drop in pressure as they are porous.

*Move the car every week to give the wheels a spin, this will in turn prevent the car from developing flat spots in the areas which touch the ground.

*Run the engine once a week for at least 15 minutes to prevent the car battery from going flat. Alternatively, you can stop a flat battery by driving at 50mph or more for at least 20 minutes. A final option to top up the battery is to use a mains-powered trickle charger.

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*Ensure your fuel tank is at least half full as an empty one can result in rusting due to condensation. You can also use fuel stabilisers to aid this.

*You should check that you oil and coolant levels are correct. Before adding oil to your car, you should drain off any used oil and then take it out for a drive to get the oil circulating.

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*Put the handbrake on and off to prevent it from getting stuck. By letting them off whilst on a flat surface to help prevent this.

*Try and park your car somewhere private and/or covered to prevent damage from thieves, vandals and even the elements. If this is not feasible then park in a spot that is shaded during the day but then is well lit at night.

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