'Unsatisfactory and dangerous situation' - Man frustrated by unlit roadwork

red barriers on a road

The barriers placed over damaged BT covers on the A148 near the Bale crossroads and the BP garage - Credit: John Blakeley

A villager has raised concerns over how a damaged manhole cover has been cordoned off on a main road, calling for it to be better lit.

John Blakeley from Gunthorpe was angry at Norfolk County Council over barriers placed over damaged BT covers on the A148 near the BP garage which has left the road partially blocked for more than four weeks.

Temporary traffic lights have been placed ahead of the hazard, but Mr Blakeley says he is concerned motorists may not spot the hazard until it is too late.

Mr Blakeley said he first noticed the issue by the Bale crossroads between Fakenham and Holt on February 7 when visiting the garage and has seen close calls of possible collisions - as well as the barriers and road work signs ending up across or off the road.

A road sign laying on the side of the road

The warning side for road works laying on the side of the road. - Credit: John Blakeley


But Openreach, which is responsible for the manhole, has said it will investigate his concerns.

“The closest encounter was a car heading from Fakenham and a lorry coming the other way, the lorry had the right of way and if the car driver did not break there would have been an accident,” Mr Blakeley said.

“At night, if two lorries tried to go past they would hit one another."

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“I obviously have no idea why this unsatisfactory and dangerous situation has persisted for so long."

Poorly build red bariers

Mr Blakeley said that the barriers would often be rebuild after they were knocked over - Credit: John Blakeley

A Norfolk County Council spokesperson said, “We identified the damaged BT cover on the A148 at Bale during a routine inspection. The issue was raised with BT on February 4 as needing immediate attention.”

A spokesperson for Openreach said: “Temporary traffic lights are now in place, and they will remain until February 26 to enable our engineers to work safely.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience and will review how and why the original barriers were left as they were.”

a Google map image

The A148 between Fakenham and Holt by the Bale crossroad. - Credit: Google Maps

Despite the change to the road, Mr Blakeley still believes the traffic lights do not solve his issue.

“If they need traffic lights during the day, but the road is clear, why are they not moving them?” he said.

“It is a waste of money when they are paying and motorists are queuing for no reason and pollution going up.”