It may have been sunny skies over Norfolk last week but today folk woke up to a sprinkle of snow.

Commuters were met with snowfall this morning in north Norfolk, Norwich, Breckland and King's Lynn, with a light dusting visible in trees and on parked cars.

The flurries began in the early hours of this morning and have continued since.

Towards the west of the county, areas have largely avoided heavy snowfall and have instead been hit by sleet.

So far the weather appears to have had little impact on the roads with routes remaining clear.

It comes after forecasters predicted a small amount of snow yesterday, saying Norfolk was set to be hit by cold winds.

Dan Holley of Weatherquest said: "Unfortunately for those looking to build a snowman, it probably isn't going to lay.

"On Thursday and Friday we'll start to see some really cold winds as well as rain, hail, sleet and maybe a little snow, perhaps even a few glimpses of sun."

He said the most worrying thing about the cold weather was frost predicted for the weekend, which he said could cause issues on the road and for people who have planted flowers during the recent warm weather.