Will it be a white Christmas this year?

Traffic chaos in and around Grapes Hill, that was closed when it became impassible after the snow fl

What will the weather be like on Christmas Day - Credit: Steve Adams

With parts of Norfolk seeing a dusting of snow in the beginning of December, fans of a white Christmas were hoping their dreams may come true this year.

And while, snow on the most festive day of year hasn't been ruled out, it is looking unlikely in Norfolk. 

Fred Best, of Norwich-based Weatherquest, said: "It is still a long way away in terms of weather, and there is still quite a lot of uncertainty.

"The two most likely scenarios are either it will be chilly with sunny spells and showers which will mainly be near the coast, or there is a chance that we could see some slightly milder conditions with cloud and rain push in". 

Looking to New Year, we will be entering 2021 on the chillier side. 

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