Stunning red skies over Norfolk - and it could signal snow on its way


Sunrise on Blofield Heath - Credit: Emma Gampell

Photographers have captured stunning images of red skies at sunrise over Norfolk - and forecasters say it may mean sleet and snow are on the way.

The ancient rhyme, 'red sky in the morning, shepherds' warning' urges caution when conditions cause the heavens to be illuminated in pinkish hues, but for those awake at the crack of dawn on Wednesday, the sight made for some breathtaking images.


Sunrise in Aylsham - Credit: Sharon Durrant

Red skies appear at either sunrise or sunset when dust and small particles are trapped in the atmosphere by high pressure. The dust scatters blue light leaving only red, giving the sky its impressive colour.

According to the Met Office, the idea of "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning" first appears in the Bible and is an old weather saying often used to signify changing weather. The phrase is most accurate in countries where weather systems predominantly come from the west, as they do in the UK.


Sunrise on 13 January 2021 - Credit: Rachel Walker

As red skies appear due to high pressure, a red sky in the morning means a high-pressure weather system, and good weather, has already moved east most likely making way for a wet and windy low-pressure system.

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In Norfolk, Wednesday, is forecast to start off fine with rain coming in from the west as the day develops.

The day will see temperatures hover around freezing with highs of no more than 3C. Rain coming through in the afternoon could turn into sleet and wet snow but will probably struggle to settle.


Sunrise over Gorleston-on-Sea - Credit: Margaret Larn


A lovely sunrise - Credit: Penney Spall

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