Fun-seekers frolic in Norfolk snow - with more to come, forecasters say

Eddie Tennant, 8, and Martha Tennant, 10, sledding in Norwich.

Eddie Tennant, 8, and Martha Tennant, 10, sledding in Norwich. - Credit: Neil Didsbury

Families were out enjoying the county’s parks as Norfolk and Suffolk was slowly covered in snow.

Dale and Rex Thompson

Dale and Rex Thompson from Norwich enjoying the snow. - Credit: Neil Didsbury

The east coast of the region was the first to be hit by strong winds and snow, with Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth seeing an early flurry.

It soon found its way to Norwich, and by 9am a dusting had settled on the city.

Those in the west stayed relatively flake-free by midday - but may not have long to wait, forecasters predict.

Weatherquest forecaster Chris Bell said about 2-3cm of snow may have settled in parts of Norfolk by the end of today - and up to 5cm of snow during the day tomorrow. 

Wensum Park in the snow

A snow-covered Wensum Park, Norwich. - Credit: Patrick Widdess

“For south-eastern Norfolk, we’re starting to see enough snow to give a little dusting on the grass,” said Mr Bell.

“Further south there’s been some pretty good accumulations of snow - towards Ipswich and eastern Essex there’s already been up to 8cm on the ground.”

Wensum Park in the snow

A snow-covered Wensum Park, Norwich. - Credit: Patrick Widdess

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“For Norfolk, we’ll continue to see light snow across the south and east of the county over the next few hours. Then it will start to spread north and west into the rest of Norfolk late today and through this evening. 

Families enjoying the snow

Families were out enjoying the snow on Sunday morning - Credit: Neil Didsbury

“There is a chance we could see a bit of covering just about everywhere except for possibly the most western parts of Norfolk, by the time we get to Monday morning.”

Snowy Norwich

A snow-covered Norwich on Sunday morning. - Credit: Neil Didsbury

Mr Bell said snow showers coming in off the North Sea would “probably linger all the way into Tuesday or Wednesday”, though it would continue to be concentrated in the county’s southeast.

Winds across Norfolk will also remain powerful. 

Mr Bell said: “We’ve got a wind-gust speed at Norwich airport of 46mph, and 51mph on the coast at Weybourne.

“I suspect we’ll continue to see wind-gusts of 40-50mph right along the coast, through the course of the afternoon.

“There have been some quite large waves as well - quite dangerous conditions on the beaches themselves.” 

MET office amber alert update

The MET Office's amber alert area now covers a much wider part of the county than it had been when the day began. - Credit: MET Office

Since the early hours of this morning, the MET Office's 'amber alert' weather warning area has expanded to include most of Norfolk's interior, and its eastern coast.

Flooding, power cuts and tricky driving conditions were all sparked by the weather, with police urging people to think twice before any travel.

But there was also time for a spot of sledding at Mousehold Heath, with fun-seekers taking to the short slopes by mid-morning.