Your say - Fakenham's favourite day trip spots revealed

Judy Hall, 71 from Cambridge

Judy Hall, 71 from Cambridge. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

With summer upon us and restrictions continuing to ease across Norfolk, day trips are very much back on.

But, where is your favourite place to go?

Reporter Aaron McMillan asked people in Fakenham where their favourite place to go in Norfolk is during the summer months.

Judy Hall, 71, from Cambridge, said: “Wells-next-the-sea - we are actually heading back there right now.

"The people are so friendly everywhere you go. I have been coming to Wells ever since I was 11, we brought the children there with us on holiday. It's a special place for us with a lot of happy memories.”

John Morris, 73 from Gloucester

John Morris, 73 from Gloucester. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

John Morris, 73, from Gloucester, said: “Felbrigg because of the great walking routes, it is just simply the most beautiful place to walk around and be in.”

Chris Mitchell, 75 from Mileham

Chris Mitchell, 75 from Mileham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Chris Mitchell, 75, from Mileham, said: “Wells-next-the-Sea because it's got the lot, just about everything in fact. It has lovely walks with coffee to pick up along the way and a beautiful beach.”

Malcolm Absolom, 74 from Sherringham.

Malcolm Absolom, 74 from Sherringham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

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Malcolm Absolom, 74 from Sheringham, said: “It has to be my town of Sheringham. It is safe, has the nicest people and plenty of good things to do.

"The whole area is very relaxing, it is about 40 years behind the times, but I think that it is all the better for it.”

Susan Vaughan, 69 from Barney.

Susan Vaughan, 69 from Barney. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Susan Vaughan, 69, from Barney, said: “Wells-next-the-sea. I love walking all around it, the pinewoods at the back of the beach are a personal favourite of mine.

"We used to love going to the marshes there as well when the children were younger, but for me, it has the best walks.”

Hollie Durke, 28 from Fakenham.

Hollie Durke, 28 from Fakenham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Hollie Durke, 28, from Fakenham, said: “It has to be Wells-next-the-Sea for me. It is my local beach and it is so beautiful and I love going for long walks along it. Also, it has great fish and chips and has all the best things about a trip to the beach.”