Your say - What should Fakenham's new councillors do first?

Mary-Ann Konoba, 72, from Fakenham

Mary-Ann Konoba, 72, from Fakenham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

With Fakenham's Norfolk County Councillors in place following elections earlier this month, our reporter Aaron McMillan asked people what the one thing they would like to see their representatives do to improve the town.

Mary-Ann Konoba, 72, from Fakenham, said, “I would get them to tidy up the scaffolding on Norwich Street and sort out the road. It gives a really bad impression of the town.

"I would also like them to do something with the old grammar school.”

Lorraine Parsley, 40, from Fakenham.

Lorraine Parsley, 40, from Fakenham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Lorraine Parsley, 40, from Fakenham, said, “More clothes shops to encourage people to come into town. So many places are shut now and there are so many charity shops and hairdressers, there is nothing wrong with them and do not want them to close, we would just like more variety.

"We do our shopping elsewhere, if we want to go clothes shopping we would go to King's Lynn or Norwich, and we want to do it closer to home.”

David Purser, 74, from Tittleshall.

David Purser, 74, from Tittleshall. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

David Purser, 74, from Tittleshall, said: “I think it would help the town to offer more general shops to get people back into the town or lower the business rates to attract business into the town.

"There are a lot of charity shops and there is a need for general shops, like a shoe shop. I love Fakenham, but if I want to do shopping like this, I just end up going to Norwich for it."

Kaylie Barrett, 31, from Sculthorpe.

Kaylie Barrett, 31, from Sculthorpe. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

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Kaylie Barrett, 31, from Sculthorpe, said, “More places and facilities for children, like the skate park on Millennium Park, but there are loads of teenagers on there and I have got a seven-year-old who cannot go on it.”

Patrick Butler, 77, from Essex

Patrick Butler, 77, from Essex. - Credit: Aaron McMillsn

Patrick Butler, 77, from Essex, said: “We have been coming to Fakenham for 50 years and we like the place a lot.

"I think the market seems a bit small and bunched up. I’d also like there to be a bit more range of traders on the market offering a range of different trades.”

Wendy Olderman, 71, from Briston

Wendy Olderman, 71, from Briston. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Wendy Olderman, 71, from Briston, said: “To do something to attract more shops in the town and to bring more popular shops.

"A lot of places here have shut down. I know that businesses have struggled through the last year, so maybe the council could cut business rates.”