Your Say - Vacation or Staycation this summer?

Stephen Tasker, 60, from Fakenham

Stephen Tasker, 60, from Fakenham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Holidays are back on the agenda as lockdown eases - with the chance of a foreign getaway a possibility.

Our reporter Aaron McMillan asked people if they are planning a vacation, staycation or staying at home this summer.

Stephen Tasker, 60, from Fakenham: “I haven’t got a holiday plan at the moment, I think I will just stay at home and work, as my business has picked up. If I did decide to go away, I would go abroad as I just think it feels more like a holiday.”

Carol King, 75, from Fakenham

Carol King, 75, from Fakenham - Credit: Archant

Carol King, 75, from Fakenham: “We are hopeful of going on holiday to Tenerife in October. I think it is quite safe over there, I have friends there and they said how safe it is. As long as you keep your mask on and follow the rules we should be okay.”

Tony Fowler, 62, from Nottinghamshire

Tony Fowler, 62, from Nottinghamshire. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Tony Fowler, 62, from Nottinghamshire: “We are on a staycation right now after we booked this one back in 2019. We are thinking of taking another staycation in September if we are allowed.

"We do not want to go abroad this year because of the uncertainty around it and what could happen. If we are on holiday in this country we know we can get back home.”

Richard Youngs, 74 from Saham Toney

Richard Youngs, 74 from Saham Toney. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Richard Youngs, 74, from Saham Toney: “I am very open-minded about it, I have booked to go across to the Midlands to a bed and breakfast. But going abroad just seems like a lot of hassle at the moment and I cannot be bothered with all that.”

Pat Cottrell, 83, from Holt.

Pat Cottrell, 83, from Holt. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

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Pat Cottrell, 83, from Holt: “We are going to Suffolk next week and that is the first time we have been away in almost two years. We do not really like flying, the only place we have ever flown to is Jersey and we normally stay here for our holidays anyway.”

Louise Brown, 42, from Little Snoring

Louise Brown, 42, from Little Snoring. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Louise Brown, 42, from Little Snoring: “We are probably just going to stay here, we don’t want to go away as we do not think it is worth the risk at the moment with everything that is going on right now.”