Your say - At home or the pub... Where will you watch the Three Lions?

James Colson from Kettering.

James Colson from Kettering. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

With the delayed European Championships finally kicking off this weekend, England fans are once again praying that football will finally be coming home.

But, with Covid protocols still in place for the time being, the question is where will people tune in to watch the Three Lions’ European venture?

Our reporter, Aaron McMillan, ask people in Wells-next-the-Sea where they will be watching the games.

James Colson, 40 from Kettering: “It all depends on what is allowed, but I imagine I will go to the pub for the atmosphere.

"I’d prefer to be in the pub for the cold drafts of beers and you do not have to walk to the fridge. Plus with the atmosphere, it feels like you are at a match.”

Matthew Warr, from Lincoln.

Matthew Warr, from Lincoln. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Matthew Warr, 43 from Lincoln: “I will be watching at home because it is a bit of a hassle to be fair, so I will probably stay at home and watch it with friends there.

"Depending on how successful we are, if we go far maybe I will go out for it, or have more people out in the garden for it. For the Scotland game, we are on a stag do, so I will definitely be in the pub for that one.”

Glen Chapman, from Sunderland.

Glen Chapman, from Sunderland. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

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Glen Chapman, 58, from Sunderland: “We are going to be away in London during the group stages, so I will be going to the pub for it. We didn’t plan to be in London for the games, it is just a happy coincidence.”

Eddye Vaughan, from Nottinghamshire.

Eddye Vaughan, from Nottinghamshire. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Eddye Vaughan, 38, from Nottinghamshire: “I have got three kids so I just take each day as it comes. But I will probably be watching the games at home.”

Stephen Bacon, from Beccles.

Stephen Bacon, from Beccles. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Stephen Bacon, 58, from Beccles: “I'll probably watch the games at home. I don’t go to the pubs much anyway, and with all the fuss it has kind of put me off it. I try my best to avoid the crowds.”

Chris Cooper, from Rowington.

Chris Cooper, from Rowington. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Chris Cooper, 40, from Rowington: “At home, so I can watch it with my son, we are really looking forward to watching it together. Also, I am probably a bit too old for the pub now anyway.”

Where will you be watching the games? Take part in our survey and tell us where you'll be tuning in from.