Busy day for the Evergreens II defence

Harleston Magpies V 4, Evergreens II 0

Evergreens started defensively as they were two players short in the early stages of the game, but they held the home team at bay.

However, Harleston were very strong, pushing forward at every opportunity, and they took the lead.

The Greens did have a good chance to equalise in the first half after a brilliant cross from Nicola Moulton was perfectly placed, but the forwards couldn’t quite make contact.

At times there was some good passing and ‘one-two’ movements of the ball, but the home team made it difficult for Evergreens to make progress.

Evergreens’ defence and keeper Yvonne Clipston had plenty to do and worked well together, keeping chances, particularly in the second half, to a minimum.