Gallow bowlers in fine form

BOWLS: In the National Denny Inter-Club Championship, Gallow men’s team played Norfolk Bowling Club and won 83-65.

Home Rinks: D Taney, T Beck, M Riches, J Chestney, won 21-19; D Webb, R Nurse, W Graver, M King lost 16-22. Away Rinks: T Savory, S Savory, A Walton, R Mason won 26-10; D Hood, D Vaughan, S Lowe. P Shackcloth won 20-14.

In the National Egham Trophy mixed fours. Gallow played Pinewood Park and won 99-66.

Home Rinks: P Frost, S Burlingham, A Walters, R Mason won 21-11; C Lincoln, J Wright, D Vaughan, M Riches lost 18-26. Away Rinks: L Ward, S King, S Lowe, M Kings won 25-13; A Leverett, M Emment, R Nurse, P Shackcloth won 26-16.

The Gallow men’s B team, playing in the league at home against Dereham B, won 97-78 (4-3).

R Preston, S Walker, B Dickerson, R Wicks won 48-13; J Biggs, J Dye, D Thody, K Mallett lost 16-18; M Rayner, A Pearson, H Kirby, F Hazel lost 16-18; D Cawthorne, R Morgan, T Beeston, K Frohawk lost 12-23.