Gallow bowlers in form

BOWLS: The Fakenham Gallow teams made further progress in the National Team Championships.

In the National Denny Cup Men’s Fours they played County Arts and won by 101 shots to 48.

Home rinks: D Webb, T Beck, D Vaughan, W Graver won 20-8; D Taney, S King, M Starkey, M Riches won 35-7.

Away rinks: L Seppings, R Nurse, S Lowe, P Shackcloth won 26-18; T Savory, S Savory, A Walton, R Mason won 20-16.

Playing against Pentney in the National Egham Mixed Fours, Gallow won 98-26.

Home rinks: L Ward, L Hannant, R Nurse, M Riches won 28-6; P Frost ,S Burlingham, A Walton, R Mason won 24-8.

Away rinks: P Jarvis, J Wright, S Lowe, M Starkey won 23-3; A Leverett, M Emment, D Vaughan, P Shackcloth won 23-9.

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The Gallow Ladies played Roundwood Ladies in the National Yetton Trophy and won 109-57.

Home rinks: L Ward, D Tuck, M Pointer, J Wright won 37-10; S Cox, D Ramm, C Bell, V Howe won 26-11.

Away rinks: A Leverett, B Kiddle, P Jarvis, M Emment won 33-8; C Lincoln, M Bowyer, J Green, S Burlingham lost 13-28.

The Gallow Mens B team played Wymondham B team, who were top of the league, and beat them 89-75, 6-1 on points, to take over the top position.

Scores: R Preston, S Walker, B Dickinson, R Wicks won 28-11; M Rayner ,A Pearson, H Kirby, F Hazel won 21-19. R Morgan, D Cawthorne, T Beeston, K Frohawk won 24-22; I Routh, J Biggs, T Anderson, K Mallett lost 16-23.

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