Gallow Bowls Club men’s team clinch promotion

With two games left Gallow Men’s B Team will be promoted from Division Five to Division Four of the Norfolk County League.

They have secured second place, and are hoping to finish as league champions.

Playing at home against Brecks Men’s B Team from Thetford they won 5 pts to 2, 78 shots to 75.

Scores: M Rayner, J Dye, H Kirby, F Hazel won 24-11. R Morgan, A Pearson, S Wilkinson, D Sole won 21-20.

I Routh, J Biggs, D Thody, K Mallett lost 22-23. J Wells, M Dunham, L Leverett, K Frohawk lost 11-15.

The Gallow Ladies A Team played at home in The Norfolk County Premier League against Browston Ladies A Team and won 7 pts to 1, 73 shots to 35.

Scores: L Ward, S Burlingham, M Emment won 25-5. C Lincoln, J Green, S King won 20-5. B Williamson, S Cox, C Bell won 15-11. P Frary, J Wright, L Hannant lost 13-14.

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n Gallow’s Mervyn King won the Area Singles Zone Final at Acle IBC, 21 shots to 10 against Jake Willgress from Norfolk IBC and will now play in the Men’s Singles, Men’s Pairs and Men’s Triples at Nottingham in the All England National Finals.

The Gallow Men’s A Team, playing against second in the Norfolk County Premier League, County Art’s IBC at home had a convincing win, 101 shots to 63, 6.5pts to 0.5pts.

Scores: N Moulton, S King, D Page, M King won 31-13. D Webb, D Cawthorne, M Starkey, M Riches won 31-13. D Taney, T Beck, A Walton, R Mason won 21-18. L Seppings R Preston, D Vaughan, W Graver drew 18-18.

Playing in the Ladies County Premier League against Diss Ladies A Team at home, Gallow Ladies A Team lost 41 shots to 52, 2pts to 6.

Scores: P Frary, J Wright, L Hannant won 14-7. B Williamson, B Kiddle, P Jarvis won 15-9. L Ward, S Burlingham, M Emment lost 8-15. C Lincoln, S Cox, C Bell lost 4-21.

The Gallow Friendly Team had an exciting match against Hunstanton Friendly Team at home, drawing the match 80 shots each. Three junior members – J Wells, R Morgan and D Cawthorne – teamed up with veteran I Cawthorne to win 31 shots to 20, the other three rinks lost.

Scores: J Drewery, A Loft, P Lloyd, D Drewery lost 19-21. M Morter, E Graves, B Goff, M Hubbard lost 17-19. T Beckham, R Sparkes, G Day, C Dewing lost 13-20.

King, Shaun Savory and Trevor Savory won the Area Final at Lakeside 28 shots to 4, after 14 of the 18 ends, against Roger Guy’s rink from Wymondham Dell Bowls Club. Trevor was substitute for Jamie Chestney.

In the Norfolk Premier League, Gallow Men’s A Team lost to a strong Acle Men’s Team at home 70 shots to 79, 1.5pts to 5.5pts.

Scores: D Hood, L Seppings, S King, W Graver won 22-10. T Beck, K Humprey, D Taney, R Mason drew 15-15. T Savory, R Preston,D Vaughan, A Walton lost 17-25. D Webb, D Cawthorne, M Starkey, M Riches lost 16-29.

The Gallow Men’s B Team played away against Shotford Men’s B team in the fourth divison of the County League and won 89 shots to 69, 6pts to 1, to remain top of the league by 10pts.

Scores: R Morgan, A Pearson, S Wilkinson, S Sole won 24-13. I Routh, H Kirby, D Thody, K Mallett won 22-12. J Wells, D Powell, L Leverett, K Frohawk won 27-24. M Rayner, J Dye, B Hubbard, F Hazel lost 16-20.