Gallow Bowls Club team set for top half finish

The Norfolk County League fixtures will soon be completed.

The Gallow Ladies A Team will finish in the top half of the league, and the Gallow Men’s A Team will finish about halfway.

The Gallow Ladies A Team played Browston Ladies A Team at home and won 7-1, 73-35.

L Ward, S Burlingham, M Emment won 25-5. C Lincoln, J Green, S King won 20-5. B Williamson, S Cox, C Bell won 15-11. P Frary, J Wright, L Hannant lost 13-14.

The Gallow Men’s A Team played County Arts A Team away and lost 1-6, 56-88.

D Webb, R Preston, M Starkey, M Riches won 17-13. D Hood, L Seppings, D Vaughan, P Shackcloth lost 12-20. T Savory, S King, D Page, M King lost 13-24. T Beck, K Humphrey, D Taney, R Mason lost 14-31.