Gallow Ladies win on all rinks

BOWLS: Gallow Ladies started their league fixtures with a fine home win against Norfolk Bowling Club, winning on all rinks. L Ward, S King, M Emment 19-5; B Williamson, B Kiddle, P Jarvis 21-15; A Leverett, S Burlingham, J Wright 13-8; J Rix. C Bell, M Pointer 9-8; Gallow winning 62-36 (8-0).

The Gallow Men’s A team playing at home against Norfolk Bowling Club A were involved in a very close game, losing the aggregate by one shot. N Moulton, S Savory, S Lowe, M Riches 22-14; D Taney, D Hood, D Vaughan, R Mason 23-18; L Seppings, R Nurse, W Graver, P Shackcloth 17-17; D Webb, T Beck, A Walton, M Starkey 10-24; Gallow losing 72-73 (2�-4�).

In the National Mason Trophy, Gallow Ladies A won 48-30 against Lakeside Ladies. Home Rink: A Leverett, P Jarvis, J Green, J Wright 19-20; Away Rink: C Bell, M Pointer, S Burlingham, M Emment 29-10.

Gallow Ladies C team lost to Wymondham Ladies by one shot. Home Rink: E Fickling, B Kiddle, S Cox, B Graver 20-13; Away Rink: D Randall, E Ledgerwood, M Bowyer, V Howe 19-25.

In Division Four of the Men’s County League, Gallow B at home against Acle C team won 84-74 (5-2). D Cawthorne, R Morgan, T Beeston, K Frohawk 27-17; M Rayner, L Johnson, H Kirby, F Hazel 19-15; A Pearson, C Walters, B Dickerson, R Wicks 15-18; I Routh, J Biggs, T Anderson, K Mallett 19-24.

The Gallow Mens A team in the Norfolk Premier League against Wymondham A away, lost on all rinks, 69-90 (0-7). D Taney, D Hood, D Vaughan, R Mason 19-22; L Seppings, D Rogers, R Nurse, P Shackcloth 18-23; T Savory, J Piercy, S Lowe, M Riches 16-22; D Webb, T Beck, S Savory, M Starkey 16-23.

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