Bowjangles review: Great voices, skilled clowning and enough energy to enthuse a vary mixed audience

Bowjangles. Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Bowjangles. Photo: Steve Ullathorne - Credit: Steve Ullathorne

String quartet Bowjangles brought their Excalibow show to Wells Maltings on Saturday night [February 23].

The precious territory between slapstick and surrealism is occupied. Gloriously, by Bowjangles comedy.

This classically trained string quartet, injected - mainline - with comedy, dance and clowning skills, is enchanting to watch.

Performing to a full house at Wells Maltings Saturday evening in Escalibow, the four players took us on a trip, passing through Nordic mythology, Arthurian legend, ‘Black Shuck’, dipping into references such as Abba, Wagner and Rap singing.

They are all wonderful performers: great voices, skilled clowning and enough energy to enthuse a vary mixed (of age) audience.

Wonderful costumes, terrific lighting effects, with each turn of plot an occasion to highlight cabaret skills and a hint of pantomime – each time I see them they come up with something new and funny. And each time I see them, their audience has increased.

They’re off to the States this autumn. Let’s hope they return!

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