Prepare for a guided tour of Norfolk ghosts and legend this Halloween

The poster for Haunted Deepdale - A Wild Ride!

Haunted Deepdale - A Wild Ride! promises a night of spooky theatre. - Credit: Slow Theatre Company

A guided tour around some of Norfolk’s spookiest myths and ghosts is set to spread a chill this October.

Deepdale Haunted - The Wild Ride is an outdoor theatre experience by independent theatre group, Slow Theatre Company. It will take visitors along a trail and come face to face (with a one-metre distancing for Covid safety) with characters from the past and present.

Written by Stephen Keyworth, audiences can expect performances using storytelling, music and movement to tell tales of myths and ghosts of Norfolk.

They have told people to think more Horrible Histories for earlier performances, and Tales of the Unexpected for the later shows.

Audiences will enter in small groups, where they will be met by a guide who will take them along to each character with a tale to tell, each based on Norfolk ghosts and legends.

The audience will be outside at all times, but there will be overhead coverages at the performance areas.

The show is produced by the independent group,  in partnership with Dalegate Market in Burnham Deepdale, and taking place on The Orchard.

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Daily shows with multiple entry times between October 22 to 31.

Tickets can be found here: