Fakenham rotary club hosting family treasure hunt

Two men stand next to charity raffle table

Fakenham rotary club is hosting a family treasure hunt - Credit: Gordon Turner

Fakenham rotary club is putting people’s detective skills to the test with a car treasure hunt.

Taking place on July 24 at 1pm, the charity family treasure hunt will start at the Gallows Sports Centre.

Through a mixture of cryptic clues and anagrams, competitors will be led to a village within seven miles of Fakenham.

The clues to the locations are in a random order so people are encouraged to work out the places before heading off as travelling the shortest distance will benefit the team.

They stressed that this is not a race, and there is no prize for being back first.

The Gallow sports centre in Fakenham is looking forward to a brighter future after some financial pr

The Gallow sports centre in Fakenham will be the starting point for the treasure hunt - Credit: Archant

For bonus points, there is a list of things to find or tasks to be done, and photographic evidence is required to confirm these have been completed. There is also a scavenger hunt for children.

The entry fee is £5 per person.

Nick Bird, director at Bailey Bird & Warren in Fakenham.

Nick Bird, member of Fakenham Rotary Club - Credit: Nick Bird

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Nick Bird, who is involved with the club, shared an example of clues people could expect:

'The man and a politician go before 100mph! HE MP TON'

'Reassemble pieces before Shakespeare? Reassemble BITS to get STIB and put that before BARD, gives you STIBBARD'

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