Review: Catch of the Day at the Wells Maltings

wells maltings

The Wells Maltings. - Credit: Sarah Toon Photography

A tall tale of a big strange fish, with live music, Irish fiddling, and real actors, Catch of the Day had everything to attract a good-sized local audience at Wells Maltings theatre. 

The show was a perfect fit for this seaside community. Based on a real even in 1966 when a sturgeon was caught in local waters by fisherman in Dingle, Ireland, the event escalated to involve the Queen of England, Eamon de Valera - Ireland’s president at the time - and nuns.

Laced with lively music, some of it traditional, some not, and a blissfully funny quartet of actors - all musicians as well as light on their feet) – the audience was totally charmed.

One can ignore our doom-laden daily news and gloomy forecasts when there’s a bucket of charm as an alternative.

The Red Fox Theatre Company states that they present ‘children’s theatre for grownups’ - hooray!

Review by Carla Phillips