People and businesses in the Fakenham area will soon see their electricity network upgraded.

UK Power Networks have announced a £1.5m project to begin in early May at the substation to the west of Fakenham.

It is set to be completed in the autumn. 

The plans will replace two existing electrical transformers with a new larger more modern one that will future-proof the network and improve the supply to 1,800 customers in Coxford and surrounding villages.

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Phil O’Blath, project manager at UK Power Networks said: “This project benefits the supplies in a number of villages in the area. It also means the network is more resilient and reliable.

“It is one of many multi-million pound schemes we are carrying out this year with support from our Capital Programme Delivery Alliance partners to make sure we continue to provide resilient power supplies for the local communities we serve.”

The work will help prepare for a future with more low-carbon technologies.

UK Power Networks delivers electricity to 18 million people through cables, substations and power lines.