The executive headteacher of a Norfolk academy is hoping to make it the strongest in the area.

Jonathan Taylor, Sapientia Education Trust's CEO, is currently serving as executive headteacher of Fakenham Academy after the departure of Richard Evans at the end of 2021. The school has welcomed back students and is now looking to develop using successful strategies.

Mr Taylor is supporting Gavin Green, who is serving as interim head of school. The school became part of the education trust in 2020, becoming one of its 16 schools.

Mr Taylor wants to use ideas placed at other schools in their network to help Fakenham become the strongest school in the area.

“Whilst progress levels at Fakenham Academy are strong, we are highly aspiring and will be using strategies that have been implemented at Wymondham College, Framingham Earl High School and Stradbroke High School to ensure Fakenham’s outcomes are the very strongest in the local area,” he said.

“These strategies include tracking student progress, teacher training is up to date and that student support is the strongest it can be both inside and outside the classroom.”

The headteacher is hoping to implement a strong link with their town’s community and build aspiration.

“We intend to be even more community focused, engaging as proactively as we can with local community groups, and local businesses so that we can share all the very good things in the school to benefit the wider community,” he said.

“We're really looking forward to further enhancing links we’ve established with a range of local groups, which includes the local police to ensure the young people in Fakenham have a wide range of activities to engage with and contribute positively to the community.

“We strongly believe that a strong school plays a part in raising community aspiration and contributing to a better quality of life for all in the community.”

Staff at the school have been growing as well, with a new assistant headteacher, Tom Collishaw from Wymondham College starting, along with new members of staff.

Mr Taylor said a potential new permanent headteacher is being kept under review, but felt they do not need to rush any decision moving forward.