Photo exhibition to celebrate women who survived domestic abuse

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn and domestic abuse charity Pandora Project are running 'Free as a Bird'

The ‘Free as a Bird’ exhibition run by Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn and domestic abuse charity, Pandora Project, will celebrate survivors of domestic abuse - Credit: Keith Osborn

A new photo exhibition is set to celebrate the lives and strength of women who have survived domestic abuse.

The project, a collaboration between Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn and domestic abuse charity, Pandora Project, will take place in October at St Nicholas’ Chapel, King’s Lynn.

With a theme of ‘Free as a Bird’, it will focus on the positive experiences of women who suffered abuse, inspired by the words of survivors.

Images will feature people with writing on their arms, taken from the words of individuals who have spoken of their ordeals - and finally have their lives back. 

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn.

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn. - Credit: Keith Osborn.

Mr Osborn said: "What interested me, from the point of view of the imagery that surrounds this subject, is that it almost always focuses on the experience of abuse and not its survival.

“There appears to be very little imagery that is positive and celebrates the fact that women do survive domestic abuse and go on to live fulfilling and happy lives.

“These photographs are intended to encourage women - and victims of domestic abuse - that they can survive. They can be them. They are enough.

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"There is a future: a future where they can truly be as free as a bird."

Free as a Bird has long been in the pipeline after Mr Osborn contacted the Pandora Project last year regarding his idea. 

St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt.

St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

Having joined forces, the photographer and charity had planned to take photos in November - before the second coronavirus lockdown temporarily scuppered their plans. 

Based in north and west Norfolk, the Pandora Project provides vital support services to women and children affected by domestic abuse.

Mr Osborn has been invested in helping to battle violence against women after the Suffolk murders in 2006 struck a chord with him.

During the exhibition there will be a silent auction of two prints, while an exhibition catalogue is also going up for sale. 

All proceeds will go directly to the Pandora Project.

The image showcase is free and open for the public to attend between 10am and 3pm on Saturday, October 2, and from 10am to 2pm on Sunday, October 3.