Councillors back lido proposal but want more detailed plans

File photot of Beccles Lido on a very warm and sunny day. Picture: James Bass

Fakenham councillor said they were in support of the Lido, but wants to see some more plans. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2012

Plans for a town’s lido have been supported by a town council, but they have requested more concrete details to be put forward.

Fakenham town councillors last night (May 6) gave their support to the lido proposed by Active Fakenham, which it is hoped would be funded through the national Community Renewal Fund.

At a meeting of Fakenham Town Council on April 20, it was revealed that the town, along with North Walsham, would be put forward to try to receive a share of the fund.

A group of councillors meet over zoom

Fakenham town councillors discussed the steering group meeting over Zoom. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Angela Glynn, councillor and member of the steering group, said of the lido plan: “It's a lovely idea, but we need to see a business plan, we need some data because there's a lot of assertion in all these documents, and very few facts.

“I’d be far happier if we saw plans, a 50-metre Olympic sized swimming pool is pretty much going to take Trap Lane out and probably then some.

“I just think it's a bit too irresponsible to go around, whipping up people's support for this with a petition, before anybody has seen anything remotely like a feasibility study.”

Steve Blatch talking to Fakenham town councillor regarding the UK Community Renewal fund.

Steve Blatch talking to Fakenham town councillor regarding the UK Community Renewal fund. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Gilly Foortse, Mayor of the town said that facts would be key for the lido's success.

"They would be hoping for a feasibility study, but we do need to see something more concrete. 

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"You do need more facts because facts will be the key in all this, it's not just a wish list."

Mrs Foortse and Mark Campbell are representing the council on a steering group working on the fund proposal and spoke of other potential projects it could lead to, including improved sporting facilities, repairing riverway footpaths and a healthy eating campaign.

Richard Crook, chairman of Active Fakenham, recently wrote to the council asking for their support in the project. He has said if the group is successful it will carry out a feasibility study involving all partners.

Fakenham town councillor Richard Crook said the devil will be in the detail. Picture: Matthew Ushe

Richard Crook, Chairman of Active Fakenham - Credit: Matthew Usher

Penelope Bucknell, another town councillor, agreed with Mrs Glynn but said there are details in his proposal to suggest it is more than just an idea.

“It would be a great idea for Fakenham. I think if you look at the steering group that Richard is putting together for example, he's got the guy that runs the lido at Beccles,” she said.

“It is early stages but I think it's not quite as perhaps as pie in the sky as it sounds.”

The steering group is due to meet again on May 12.